The Development of the Gosport Shed

We started by looking at possible sites in the Gosport area which might be able to accommodate our requirements including:-

Browndown Ranges Camp, Institute of Naval Medicine, Haslar Hospital Estate. Royal Navy Submarine Museum, QINETIQ, Clarence Yard, Priddy’s Hard and Fort Brockhurst; it was the last which most nearly met our needs.

With the help of English Heritage, and the support of the Curator, Pam Braddock, we were able to take over two of the casemates, numbers 35 and 36, which on inspection proved to be in remarkably good state.

The facilities in the Fort Brockhurst workshop were gradually developed. After construction of several workbenches with vices and other tools, a quantity of power tools were donated to The Shed.

General view - work in progress at Fort Brockhurst
Basket work Clock repair Constructing a ramp for the Submarine Museum

Unfortunately, after nearly a year there, English Heritage were unable to allow us to continue the use of their premises, so we had to set about looking for an alternative site.

See the next page under "Developments" for our move.